mandag 4. april 2011

Day 10 to 13. Friday April 1st to Tuesday April 5th 2011

Finally time for a new update!

Well Friday first I guess:
The day started and went by fairly easy, I got up, hung out at the Lundquist house and then Jon came back from work. He was going to work at The Giggle Dam dinner theatre and asked if I wanted to go with him that night too, (I had already tix for the show on Saturday, April 2nd.), and no it wasn't any April Fools joke!

Schnaps, the Lundquist's family pet chillin on the sofa. He's SO sweet!

The princess in the Lundquist family:

Behold little cutie Caidance, isn't she precious? :-)

Daddy Jon Lundquist having some father & Daughter quality time

Here's a heartbreaker in the making:

Jovan Lundquist, isn't he too cute? He wears the shirt I got him from Norway, he LOVED it. YAY!

Jovan playing with Schnaps in the living room

Another one of Jovan and Cassie Lundquist's uncle Greg (think he was called Greg...)

They are currently running a show named "The British Are Coming!" - An Invasion of DAM Royal Proportions. And this show is just absolutely hilarious! Watching Canadians having fun with the Royal family and anything Brittish is too funny for words! They were having this "Royal Wedding" where the guy couldn't get funds from the Royal Palace to fund his daughter's wedding, they had "Albert" who's played by Jon Lundquist and the idea behind that character certainly is the guy from Dinner For Two skit that some of you may know, hell "Manuel" from The Fawlty Towers were there too lmfao!

"Albert" aka Jon Lundquist striking a pose at The Giggle Dam

The funny part this night for me was it took me literally 20 min to recognize Jon in that costume, I thought he looked fairly familiar but wasn't too sure..then I decided, yup it's him. Too funny. Some of the staff and crew recognized me from my last visit and greeted me!

I sat in the back of the venue this night and I had a delicously spicy Roast Beef dinner. Drank some beer and had some coffee..enjoyed my night indeed.

The part of the show where the menu for the night is introduce

And I know you don't see a menu there yet..:p lol, I think this character's name is Fredric played by Mark who owns The Giggle Dam with his wife Sheila. Lovely couple and totally nuts in the absolute good way!

"Fredric" and "Alfred" introducing the drinks specials...of course "Alfred" took a sip..LOL

The lady sitting on the chair had her birthday so well she had some "offers" to what she should serve her guests on her birthday, either Fish'n'Chips, Sausage or Pai...

On Saturday which I really did look fwd too as I had planned to go to Stanley Park and rent a bike there. The day started out with nice sunny warm weather. Jon was nice enough to print out how I'd get there via Skytrain and bus and drove me down to their local Skytrain station. He also picked me up afterwards. I am SO HAPPY I did this, had a GORGEOUS 1 hour bikeride alongside the seawall of Stanley Park. Took several pictures, would have taken more if I had more time. I'll definetly do this again, next time I go to Vancouver and yes there WILL be a next time!! Probably next time Bon Jovi plays here! I would have stayed longer in Stanley Park but had to get back as I was going to The Giggle Dam with Jon, which meant we were arriving there well before the doors opened. My friend Theresa came to the Giggle Dam to enjoy the show with me and BOY did we have some serious FUN there!

My view on my bikeride from the Seawall around Stanley Park.

Towards the end of my bike ride by the Seawall in Stanley Park I ended up by this lake. Don't know the name of it sorry but I saw this sign that kinda sent chills down my spine lol

Nope didn't see any Coyotes, saw one a few years back in NJ though..LOL

I arrived at The Giggle Dam early with Jon as he had to get ready of course, I got to my then assigned seat pretty close to the stage this time. I paid for my ticket and just sat down enjoying myself, Theresa came in good time before the show. She took the bus from downtown Vancouver and was fretting cos the guy on the bus at her bustop in DT Vancouver wouldn't open the door! LOL. She finally got there. We of course had a blast the first time. She cracked up by all the insanity happing around her that is The Giggle Dam Dinner Theatre. That place is really totally nuts and I LOVE IT. I'd def be a regular there if I was living here. The shows they do are hilarious, the cast in the shows are real talents too. I do not get how Jon can work a full time job, then a brief stop home and then off to this place every friday and Saturday to both be a host at the venue and then perform. This is not including rehearsals for new shows and special parties inbetween shows! I could need some of this guy's energy. In all of this he is hands on with his kids. A true family guy!

"Albert" and me at The Giggle Dam LOL, handsome guy that Albert, huh? ;-)

Anyways back to the Saturday, the show started and Theresa and I were cracking up inbetween taking pictures and Jon stopping by greeting us as the semi drunken Alfred (he was only acting!). Too funny, I cracked up every time I saw him!

The show started and well as it should be my guts and jaws hurt from laughing so much. The cast cracks up during the show too lol.

"The Gay prince Sven", who for some reason reluctantly were gonna marry this princess (forgot her name sorry):

The other lady next to the princess is "Mary" who is "Alfred's" wife in the show, those two cracked me up BIG time lol.

Another intro to one of the special drinks with "Fredric and Alfred" LOL

"Alfred is introducing a special coffee...seems like he drank a few of them himself..LOL

No I did not audition for an Heineken beer teeth are too yellow :p

My yummy Chicken dinner at The Giggle Dam

Some crazy dance number..isn't Alfred and his wife Mary cute? LOL

The 2 above pics, some poor dude got selected to participate in the show by "Fredric's" wife (she is Mark's wife in real life and her name is Sheila, fun lady!)

The nutty cast at The Giggle Dam

This guy (he played the gay prince Sven) is AMAZING on the guitar!!

And of course my main reason to go to this show: Jon Lundquist got to do his own solo, dude can ROCK!!!

In true The Giggle Dam tradition, Elvis is ALWAYS finishing the show...

And yes "Elvis" is Mark the owner of The Giggle Dam (he owns it with his wife Sheila)

The finale of the show where everyone get introduced

And of course I snapped when Jon got introduced, next to him is "Rod Stewart" the amazing guitarist there, he was pretty damn good as Rod Stewart too!

The lovely waitresses at The Giggle Dam and the one holding the Canadian flag over her mouth is named Whitney, she saw me taking the pic and wanted to act goofy LOL, works for me!

After the show was over it was time to follow Theresa to her bus stop so she got home safe and sound which she did! Sent us an hilarious tweet about that when she got home but I won't repeat that here LOL. It was something about "tourists" Funny!

Jon and I got home late on that Saturday night..I was wondering if I'd have a massive hangover as I had well plenty enough to drink without being totally gone beyond repair though! I got up on Sunday only to feel pretty good considering. Sure an upset stomach and a slight headache was to be expected but it was absoutely bearable. I do suspect the big jug of water and some coffee I had during the Sat night saved me from a murderous hangover though.

Later on Sunday Jon had to go back to The Giggle Dam to rehearse for some Improv show the cast has been challenged to do by a guy who used to work with them, he now has his own Improv place. They got challenged to do some "games" at this venue and it is on this coming Tuesday, April 5th. I now wish I was going home from here on Wednesday as I am gonna miss this..damn!

Jon asked if I wanted to come to check out their rehearsal so I said sure! I did and am VERY appy I did. Got to see hilarity in process and creative forces hard at work. These ppl work hard! They are also very dedicated to their craft inspite working full time job outside of The Giggle Dam. Amazing ppl! I did not however expect to be "participating" as an "audience member" during this rehearsal but I was, fun! I did not take pics of this rehearsal as I do not think it was appropriate to do so while these ppl were getting the hang of what Improv really is. They have never done this before and with only one rehearsal and warmup before the show, they needed to stay focused. So me snapping away would only be a distraction. So I was giggling away, and so did everyone else! LOL

Then monday came, I had booked my hotel on Saturday after talking to Jon how busy he'd be on Tuesday, cos originally I did intend to stay with them until I was flying home. When he told me what his Tuesday schedule was I just told him I'll stay in downtown Vancouver the last night as it is MUCH easier for me to get to the Airport from there. So booked a room at the Comfort Inn Downdown Vancouver and it was a nice surprise! Nothing fancy but still I was happy with it. It is on the corner of Granville St and Nelson St. Lobby entry is on Nelson St. Met up with Theresa for dinner later on Monday night for dinner at India Bistro, which was about 15 walk from my hotel.

Here's an appetizer I shared with Theresa :-D

We had a great time there chatting away and having one of Robert Pattinson's fave dishes at that restaurant, luckily for me this time compared to the LAST time I tried one of his fave dishes at Vancouvers Glow Bar & Grill it wasn't a HUGE dish LOL. It was just right. Then it was time to seperate, after some hugs I went back to my hotel getting ready for the night and well departure the next day...

On Tuesday, April 5th I got up, showered, went down to the pub next to the hotel (there was an entrance to it from the hotel lobby lol) to have what they call continental breakfast, to me it was a pretty BIG continental breakfast! I ate what I could then went back up to finish packing. I tried to pack "smart" as in whatever I needed to get was in my carry on bag and the rest was in my check in baggage.

fredag 1. april 2011

Day 8 and 9, Wednesday March 30th and Thursday March 31st. 2011

Well Wednesday March 30th. came and I got up, started packing my stuff and just chilled in my room till it was due time to check out. I was in touch with my friend Jon Lindquist to find out when we'd meet up so he could pick me up and we'd go to his house where I am staying until I leave Vancouver.

I had to kill some time before we could meet up, he was at work. So I wandered around a little bit in downtown Vancouver, determinded NOT to spend a truckload of money on shopping. I went inside the library and just walked around, ended up killing some serious time in the Apple store inside the Pacific Centre. Only spent money on food and drinks LOL

Then the time finally came that Jon came to pick me up, as always I got a BIG HUG, always good to see him! His cute boy Jovan was in the backseat and he was very shy at first. We got to his house and the shyness was literally gone in a second, he wanted to play with me right off the bat! So I had basically just hung up my coat and into his room I went, Jon followed after us but Jovan told daddy "get out!" lmao.

The rest of the evening was just me playing with Jovan and chatting, and I also became good friends with Schnaps (their 5 year old doggie, adorable!) and lil cutie Caidance and Jon's wife Cassie. Caidance was so cute! But omg she is tiny!

The Lundquist family's adorable doggie, Schnaps lol

Caidance, the youngest addition to the Lundquist family

The rest of the evening was pretty uneventful so no pics really from this day.

Waking up in someone elses house is always an experience. You're not really sure of what to do so you just kinda linger around...trying to feel you way so to speak. However it was such an relaxing day so I just took it easy that day. Played with Jovan again of course and chatted with Cassie, Jon had to work so he was gone but got home early. After Jon got home they had to go see the doctor with Caidance to check if she is gaining weight as she should etc. I was chilling in their house, reading the Bon Jovi book: When We Where Beautiful that I got from Jon as he had an extra copy. Yes I finally got the book, he was nice enough to give it to me :-D.

They got home and we went shopping for some drinks and some groceries, and we had pizza for dinner..I also got my first taste of Bud Light with lime! NICE!! It reminded me of Corona with lime but not as "bitter".

After dinner it was some relaxing time watching the Canucks vs LA Kings, and Canucks won the game, happy Lundquist family lol.

We also saw the "Gleeys Anatomy" as Jon nicknamed the "musical verson" of this weeks episode of Greys Anatomy. It was interesting but not sure I cared for this musical stuff but the cast knew how to sing!

Not much happened after this, so after a while it was time to go to bed.

Pics of Jovan will follow tomorrow :-D.